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Friday, September 17, 2010

Keepin' It Real...

Brooklyn, New York is one of hip-hop's most notorious yet important places. It holds so much history. From Big Daddy Kane, MC Lyte, Jay-Z, to the late The Notorious B.I.G., the borough that keeps it so thorough has given hip-hop some of its most iconic and respected figures.

Of those figures, one that hasn't completely received the shine he very well deserves is the man that stole the ears of many when he recited the following lyrics on NaS' '94 cult classic, "Life's A Bitch"...

"Visualizin' the realism of Life and actuality, F*CK who's the baddest a person's status depends on salary..."

AZ, who represents the East New York section of Brooklyn, has been knee deep in the hip-hop game for about almost 20 years now. Gaining his first break on Nas' milestone debut ,Illmatic, the Brooklyn native was able to become an important figure to the mafioso rap era when he released his critically acclaimed debut "Doe or Die" in '95. The album featured AZ displaying his signature multi-syllabic rhyming pattern while spewing lyrically introspective yet deep content. Notable tracks such as the summer friendly "Rather Unique", the instant classic with NaS "Mo Money, Mo Murder, Mo Homicide", and the introspective "Your World Don't Stop", are reasons why Doe or Die , although underrated, is one of hip-hop's most important albums to date.

To commemorate its upcoming 15th anniversary, AZ threw a concert celebration on the night of September 1st at New York City's Santo's Party House. Yours truly was able to attend the event that's featured special appearances by Cormega, M.O.P, Craig G, Grand Wizard, Staik Selektah, and to the surprise of many, Nature. The concert overall was worth the money considering the chance to catch AZ running through his string of classic hits along with reuniting with a quarter of his one time super-group, The Firm.

AZ x Firm Biz [LIVE] from Domo Kyss on Vimeo.

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