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Friday, April 30, 2010

#ClassicFriday...Road to Champ Is Here Pt. 3

Tomorrow at noon, the homey 40 Cal Kiss, bka Jadakiss ,alongside DJ Drama and DJ Green Lantern, is set to drop one of the most anticipated mixtapes of 2010, The Champ is Here Pt. 3.

After dropping a classic on the first installment back in 2004, Jadakiss & Green Lantern reunited last year to drop the sequel responding to the anticipation and demand by fans. It's amazing how with each tape, the album often becomes overshadowed. The reason is partly due to the chemistry between Green and Kiss as well as the more hardcore quality of music that's presented freely within the tapes beside the album's necessity of commercial-friendly tracks.

Recently after many talks and ideas tossed around, DJ Drama was brought along for this third installment that has fans glued onto the internet blogs. Kiss, Dram, and Green is sure to have some tricks in the bag for this treat. Check out some classic mixtape Jada tracks that will have to hold you over till tomorrow at noon.


Maybach Music...

It seems like Hov was supposed to be in the lineup with Weezy & Kanye on that original "Maybach Music 2" track from Ross's 2009 LP Deeper Than Rap. I mean after the first classic ("Maybach Music"), it seemed only right that he should've been featured on the sequel.

This week however, a year after the Deeper Than Rap release, the Evil Empire has decided to release the lost verse of "Maybach Music 2" by none other than Hovito.

Sit back relax and chill because this track takes you straight from the computer screen to the passenger seat of that white-leathered seat Maybach...Su-weeeeeet

"Maybach Music 2" - Hov

Trap Or Die II...Its Here (Tracklist & Artwork)

As we stated earlier this week, the tape was supposed to drop today (April 30th) but that #TiNc2 diagnosis occured with this one. Now the Don Cannon & Jeezy anticipated sequel is scheduled for next Tuesday (May 4th).

This should hold you over though ...and looks promising:

1. Introduction
2. Trap Or Die Reloaded
3. Stop Playin Wit Me
4. Insane
5. Problem
6. Camaro
7. Lose My Mind (Featuring Plies)
8. Greatest Trapper Alive
9. Ill’in (Featuring The Clipse)
10. Just Saying
11. The TakeOver (Featuring Bigga Rankins)
12. D Boyz (Produced By Don Cannon)
13. Hood Politics
14. Ride Wit Me (Featuring Trick Daddy & Scarface)
15. Go Hard
16. Talking
17. Time
18. I Remember
19. Grape
20. My Tool (Featuring Baby & Bun B)
21. Da Greatest

Thursday, April 29, 2010


The Eminem track that we all were buzzing about since the last single off of Relapse (Beautiful), is finally here. No words to describe the single expect for #NICCCE.

If you're reading this, read no further and just click on the link or listen...

"Not Afraid" (Produced By Boi-1da) - Eminem

SideBar: In an interview with Angela Yee, Em stated that Havoc has produced for the album. It's sounding like a solid and promising LP and tracks like this brought the hype to a new level. Oh yeah Recovery is set to hit stores June 22nd, #NICCCE.

New Kanye!!!...

...not really, instead its a Kanye produced track. Here's the upcoming second single for Drizzy Drake's Thank Me Later, due out June 15th.

"Find Your Love" (Produced By Kanye West) - Drake

SideBar: Just like any other Drake track that previously released for this album, its something to get used to. The beat sounds like a leftover from 808's & Heartbreak so its really something to try and get adjusted to. I digg more of the Drake-rapping as oppose to the Drake-singing, so my opinion is obviously biased.

It's Coming...

Below is an interview by XXL with Trap or Die II collaborator and DJ, Don Cannon regarding the mixtape that is scheduled to be released tomorrow (will have to see it to believe it)...

As to how he was brought on board, Cannon said he happened to be working on the Snowman’s upcoming album, Thug Motivation 103. “I think he needed a lil’ help picking some songs and doing a couple of things,” he shared. “So in the midst of me doing his album… he was like, ‘You know what, you might as well host this joint.’ So from there, once he said that, you know, I was down… I picked the music [and] I put the whole marketing/viral thing together for it.”
Cannon revealed a star-studded guest list for TOD2, which includes Bun B, Scarface, Trick Daddy and Birdman. But the track that he predicts will be the “sleeper of the year” is Jeezy’s song with Clipse. “Everybody’s gonna talk about [it]…that’s a big record,” he explained. “’Cause I don’t know anybody that can talk that street mentality talk other than him and them. So for them to collab on a track that’s really important.”
On the production tip, Cannon recruited longtime Jeezy associate Shawty Redd, Drumma Boy and of course he provided one of his own beats for the song “D Boys.”
He said, while there are mostly original songs on the disc, YJ dropped verses over Snoop’s “I Wanna Rock,” Trey Songz’s “Say Ahh” and Birdman’s “Play Ball.”
Trap or Die 2 will be available this Friday (April 30).

Props to XXL

Cole World...

So they're saying that this is the first single off Cole's as of yet titled debut album , due out this summer.

This goes HAAARD!!!

"Now a n*gga hot enough to f*ck with one of Satan's hoes..."

The Teflon Don...

Rick Ross is one of the most charismatic rappers that Hip-Hop has ever seen. Dude came into the game with that already classic hit "Hustlin'" in 2006 and ever since then has taken captive of this hip-hop game in his own right.

Although he isn't one of the nicest or greatest in terms of lyricism that's executed by his counterparts, it's no doubt that from Port of Miami to now, he has matured lyric-content wise, along with wordplay, and developed a lane that only he is in. From crushing 50 in that ridiculous feud last year (with his Deeper Than Rap sales of course, having 3 #1 albums under his belt, and overcoming an almost tarnished image (Correctional Officer and XXL Cover incident), Rick Ross is undeniably a force that's not to be reckoned with. With the Teflon Don moniker for his upcoming album, there's not a better word to describe his person and career.

In '06 he came to show and prove however now in 2010, its his time to take us Super High...

First single off Teflon Don, due out June 29th

"Super High" (Featuring Ne-Yo)(Produced By DJ Clark Kent & The Remedy) - Rick Ross

Watch Ross discuss the Jay-Z feature on his upcoming Teflon Don...Oh you didn't know?

WE BACK!!! Ah-Haaaa (Jada Laugh)

Sorry for the hiatus and the missed #ClassicFriday sessions, instead of providing reasons and apologies we're just going to move on the Knicks in offseason. This weeks is shaping up to be one of those BEAUTIFUL weeks in hip-hop and on hip-hop blogs (just like when #TiNc2 and Drake's "OVER" track came out back in March). Beside the Game dropping his RED ROOM mixtape alongside DJ Skee, which I still haven't had a chance to listen to yet, Eminem has finally dropped the new single we've been craving for since "Forever" released last year, Drake second single "For Your Love" has released, Rick Ross has announced that Hov will be on Teflon Don, tomorrow May 4th, Jeezy & Don Cannon are to drop Trap or Die II, etc. etc. etc. the list goes on.

To start off, check this trailer out Ah-Haaaa...

MAY 1st, Gangsta Grillz Invasion THE CHAMP IS HERE 3 ah-haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

SideBar: If that's what I think I heard, possibly a sequel to "The Champ is Here" track, it is insane. Very clever to use that Jellyroll produced "Bang" instrumental from Game's Doctor Advocate's album in 06.

Monday, April 26, 2010


The first single of the upcoming album by the duo of NaS & Damian Marley, Distant Relatives. Coming to a store near you May 18th

SideBar: I can't help but say that I rathered the "Strong Will Continue" track but this isn't even that bad. We've been talking about the speculation of this album since last year and it feels good now know that its finally reality.

King Uncaged...08-17-10

As many of you may know, Mr. Tip Harris aka T.I has served and completed his prison sentence of a year and day. Ever since his release last month, the self proclaimed "King of the South" has been on a musical rampage, jumping on every song he can get his vibe on. From B.o.B's album cut "Bet I" to Diddy's current single "Hello Good Morning" (which is annoying except for the TI and Ross verses, its evident that the King has not lost his touch.

Take a look at out chronological order of Tip's prior video releases before his latest visual for the current warm up single I'm Back"

Let's take a trip back to last year.

Before his bid, we learned that his old ways were...

During his bid, we were told to...

Fresh off his year and a day...."I'M BACK!!!!"

King Uncaged 08-17-2010

To The Beat...

This song is pretty dope, I was skeptical at first but they two deliver. It is obvious that this track was for Ms. Keys.

Let's Get It...103

Although his voice is annoying, Plies does his thing on this track. TM 103 on the way reaaaaaaaaal soon while Trap or Die II is scheduled for this Friday(...Yeah ight).

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Trap or Die II Coming Sooooooon....

Check out Jeezy's new track off the upcoming tape, Trap or Die II: By Any Means Necessary Hosted by DJ Drama Don Cannon

"Greatest Trapper Alive!" - Young Jeezy

Is it just me or does 2010 seem to be a good year for the mixtapes.

Don Cannon x Jeezy - Trap Or Die 2 from Decatur Dan on Vimeo.

Saturday Night w/ Hov...

(This photo has no relevance, just thought it was interesting...)

On May 8th, Mr. Shawn Carter will...you probably thought I'd say host, but nah. On the night before Mother's Day, SNL will be hosted by the legendary Betty White with Hov as the musical guest.


DJ Drama, DJ Green Lantern & Jadakiss Mixtape...???!!!

It's official, The Champ is Here 3, slated to be released May 1st after the Mayweather fight, will be hosted by DJ Drama & Green Lantern..."Ahhaaaa"

SideBar: "Til It All Falls Down" - Jadakiss (CDQ)

SideBar#2: The The Champ is Here series by Jada and DJ Green Lantern, is one of the best in the catalog of hip-hop mixtapes. Jada & Green have a chemisty that always comes off correct but this time with the addition of DJ Drama, I'm sure many are already on the tip of their toes.

Drama got to be the DJ of the year, too many good mixtapes in one year alone.

It's A Gangsta Grillz Invasion You Bastards!!!

R.I.P. Guru (July 17th, 1966 – April 19th, 2010)

After suffering and undergoing surgery for a cardiac arrest last month, yesterday the legendary Keith "GURU" Elam (Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal)lost his battle with cancer. He was only 43 years-old.

Throughout his lifetime, Guru has made classics that will live on with us forever. Condolences to his family.

We Miss You Dogg

Rest In Peace

Monday, April 12, 2010

"I’m In My Own Class Man, I Write My Own Passes..."

The homey J. Cole dropped this gem earlier in an interview with Tampa Bay's Wild 94.1(click for the interview).

"Ignorant Shit Freestyle" - J.Cole


Cam & Vado release the latest video from their first Boss of All Bosses tape. #Niccce

"I Got'em Sayin..."

They're saying that this is the first single off the homey J. Cole's most anticipated debut album. I could definitely see why...

SideBar: MP3 version, where are you?

Props to RapRadar

Video Premiere...

"Two thumbs up, Ebert and Roper..." Don't know for this one though...

...Confusing is the word I'm looking for when it comes to this new Drake visual. Now, as I said before, I'm actually starting to digg "Over" and call it a perfect song for the spring/summertime. While viewing this video however, it was either my eyes were hurting from the special effects/lighting and/or my mind being left confused about the overall message. It's clear that creativity was in effect for the video but it and the actual song are definitely two different things when it comes to the message.

Friday, April 9, 2010

“Comparisons are Natural”...

Said by the homey J. Cole, before his sold out show at S.O.B's last week, about Drake's comment on last month's Feb/March issue of Complex:

Complex: You feel like you're at the finish line?

Drake: I'm at the starting line. Those guys are at home, putting on their tracksuits, getting ready to make their attack. When J. Cole gets it super-right, I think he's gonna have a place as a Nas-type character who really stands for hip-hop, but still makes ill records that everybody fucks with.

Complex: If J. Cole is Nas, then who are you?

Drake: [Laughs.] I'm the young big homie!

Cole says to MTV:
“Comparisons are natural. You’re going to compare LeBron to Jordan or [Dwyane] Wade to whoever you compare him to. But in this particular instance, and no disrespect to [Drake's] opinion, because that’s how he feels, but I feel like it’s too early.

“You can’t call things like that, that early. You can’t say I’m Nas because, look, Nas was in the game for 16 years. What if I’m not here next year? What if you’re not here next year? I don’t think you can say stuff like that this early, but I understand what people are saying. At his status right now, he’s the most talked-about guy in the game. The Nas comparison is like, ‘He gets a little bit beyond the surface,’ but I feel like when it comes to those comparisons, it’s way to early. And you never know, 10 years from now, I could be Jay.”

Thursday, April 8, 2010

"When Your Talking To A Pro, Watch Ya Mouth Rookie..."

Fabolous - "I'M RAW" (OFFICIAL VIDEO) from By Any Means T.V. on Vimeo.

"Bitch I'm Raw..."
Fab released this video earlier as part of this #TiNc2 viral series. Next video up to bat is one of my fav's "Mr. R.I.P."

SideBar: Again, I definitely digg the concept. However, I had a different thought of what the video would look like.

DJ Premier on Kanye's Album...

DJ Premier in a recent interview with The Red Bulletin, speaks on Kanye's upcoming 5th anticipated album:

"his new album is strictly hard beats and rhymes. He’s totally done with electro. You’re gonna be surprised what you hear."

This new Kanye album has got the internet in a frenzy to find more info on it. All we've heard for now is that Pete Rock, RZA, and Q-Tip are all (a big 'might') on deck for this latest album by the homey Kanyeezy.

Stay Tuned for more info

Props to HipHopDX


Drake discusses the concept of his "warm-up" single "Over", which I got to admit the is finally getting to me.

It was a smart choice of a track after all. The single is even better due to the season like now, where the weather is getting warmer and the car windows are now lowered (blasting music out the load bass thumping speakers>Priceless).

Distant Relatives...

NaS, one of Hip-Hop's Legendary and Greatest Emcee of all time to ever touch the mic, sits down with OkayPlayer TV to discuss several topics:
-Jay Electronica
-Going Back to School

"Til It All Falls Down..."

We told you Jada's Champ Is Here 3 is looking to be dropping soon (specifically on May 1st). Here's a track off the upcoming mixtape.

"Til It All Falls Down" - Jadakiss

As does any other track he's featured on, this one definitely goes hard. But then again, WHAT DID YOU EXPECT?...

"Never had a wack verse since the '90s" (c) Jada

Sunday, April 4, 2010

March 9th, 1997...

VH1 has a series titled, "Famous Crime Scene" and every week on Friday they detail the death of famous Hollywood actors/actresses/musicians. Here is an episode discussing the death of the G.O.A.T, Christopher "The Notorious B.I.G./Biggie Smalls" Wallace

It's crazy how the death of most Hip-Hop figures are still unsolved. Something about that is suspect, smh.

Happy Easter Ppl...

Peace Pushin' Mounts viewers, hopefully you're enjoying your Easter weekend as we are. Ever since last week's #ClassicFriday on Eazy E, I stumbled on this video which was hilarious. "Only If You Want It" is a song by Eazy that was included on his 1992 EP, 5150: Home 4 tha Sick.

On the first listen, that track is lukewarm; after a couple listens however it becomes a jam. It is "west coast" written all over it, the type of track is perfectly set for a ride in a drop top Cadillac,etc.

When I watched the video, I completely and literally dropped my jaw (okay not really 'literally'). It was hilarious because it is the typical 'stereotypical rap video'. Girls-Wet T-Shirts, Whips, Machismo, and liquor..lmao

Take a look

R.I.P Eazy, Through his music Eazy still "Duz It"

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Classic Fridays...

Hailing from South Jamaica, Queens, New York

Members Mr. Cheeks, Freaky Tah (R.I.P 1971–1999), DJ Spigg Nice, and Pretty Lou formed the now legendary crew The Lost Boyz. The crew had their fair share of success, debuting in 1996 with their critically and commercially acclaimed album Legal Drug Money.

The album spawned 5 major hits including the most notably Renee. The crew released 3 other albums with the sophomore being the last to receive acclaim.
On March 29th, 1999 group member Freaky Tah was shot and killed (R.I.P), and resulted in the group disbanding.

Aside from this tragedy The Lost Boyz provided music that will go down forever in hip-hop and here on now the infamous #ClassicFridays, we present to you some hits from one of the best years and eras in hip-hop

The Year is 1996
Jamaica, Queens, N.Y

Before there was a "Beamer, Benz, Or Bentley" there was "Jeeps, Lex Coups, Bimaz & Benz"...

The infamous and one of Pushin' Mounts Favorites..."Renee"

"Lifestyles of the Rich and Shameless"

Live @ XXL's Freshman '10 Concert

Here is the homey Vado performing live with Cam. Look out for that Slime Flu mixtape, The U.N. album Gunz N Butta, Killa Season 2 to drop soon...

CHAMP IS HERE PT. 3 Is Coming...

"Top 5 Dead or Alive" Jada is planning on adding a trilogy to his already acclaimed cult classic mixtape series, "The Champ Is Here."

The tape is scheduled to be released on May 1st, which is the same day as the Mayweather/Mosley Bout. However, as we were learned with that Fab tape [and Vado mixtape], don't take these release dates to the head.


SideBar: Definitely Looking Forward for this tape, Jada is that dude. If you don't know, you better ask somebody. "Top 5 dead or alive and that's just off one LP..."