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Sunday, January 31, 2010

So Far...Mixtapes of '09

Here's a compilation of the best mixtapes this past year, no specific order:
trappin aint dead Pictures, Images and Photos
Lloyd Banks
-"Bullets Aint Got No Name Vol. 3"
Nipsey Hussle
-"The Champ is Here PT. 2: KISS MY ASS
Jadakiss - This was easily better than the album, which is sort of common for "Top 5 Dead or Alive" Jada. Back in '04 he suffered the same fate with the first installment of the DJ Green Lantern mixtape. Definitely waiting on the next 'tape.
-"Back to the Features"
Wale - This is when I jumped on the Wale bandwagon and figured out how #Nicce he was. Definitely a perfect mixtape for '09, where we see Wale collaborating with the everyone in the industry of newcomers and underground artists. Prod. entirely by 9th Wonder, Wale made a statement that he can def. hold his own in any given collabo.
"Boss of All Bosses"
Cam'ron & Vado ("Huuuuh" Vado) I can't front, I was never a Cam fan till I heard this mixtape, and it wasn't because of him. It was because of that dude standing right beside him, Vado. Look out for that dude in 2010.

"No Ceilings"
Lil' Weezy - This mixtape really brought me back to the Lil' Wayne bandwagon and all his classic/old material. He did his thing on this mixtape and made all the haters (including us) bite their tongues.
No Ceilings Pictures, Images and Photos
"The Warm Up"
J. Cole - This kid is in my Top 5 from the newcomers and in my Top 10 overall. He is that DAMN GOOD. Look out for him this year. Mixtape is a certified #CLASSIC.

"So Far Gone"
Drake - "Dropped a mixtape that sh*t sounded like an album..." Enough said

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