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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Weekend Re-Cap...

This weekend's been one interesting weekend for hip-hop.  First we got Vado co-signing Justin Bieber's "Speaking In Tongues" freestyle while blatantly stating "he sounded like (Notorious) B.I.G." #MAJORFAIL, to the release of three of the most important album covers for the most anticipated album releases for the jam-packed month of November.  Check 'em out...

November 9th...

SideBar: Regardless of what some may say CuDi is one of the most talented artists out, hands down.  Man On the Moon: The End of Day is a classic. #Salute

November 22nd
SideBar: This album release will have a lot of people talking.  Call it Haters Friday...

November 23rd
SideBar: This here cover came out a week ago but, just for the sake of it here's the sequel to Banks' favorable debut.  I know I'm not the only one hype for this release.

Hopefully Yeezy gets his sh*t together with the re-up of his next album cover.

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