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Friday, November 5, 2010

The Carter...

"Its Weezy F Baby, the mother f*cking Carter..."

As we all have been anticipating his release, the homey Mr. Carter is finally home. Fresh off an eight month long bid, its been kind of tough and unusual not hearing the Louisianimal ripping highlight tracks to shreds. He's carried the hip-hop torch for so long that the void of his absence was inevitably felt. Sure, we had a couple prepared singles and verses released since he left us (i.e. I Am Not A Human Being, etc.) but, it still wasn't enough to satisfy the ears of many yearning for that possessed monster-like rambunctious flow.

What was surely missed was the bulk load of remix and guest feature opportunities (at least we got the Eminem collabo) that called for his appearance.

Imagine, a "B.M.F." (Remix)..."My name is TuneChi, Mr. Carter, fresh from New Orleans, don't let the water drown ya..." Or maybe a "Beamer, Benz, or Bentley", "Beamer, Benz, Or Bentley, my pockets never empty, Keema calling Cindy, two women and one Tunechi..." Even a "Lemonade" freestyle, "cup full of S-Y-R-U-P, my cup full of S-Y-R-U-P..." Okay maybe I should just stick to writing stories (lol). But, there were so many singles that were calling Wayne's name. Picture him over, Waka's "Hard In the Paint" or maybe even on Ye's "Monster". There was a whole lot of possibilities.

Coming from someone who's joined in the rifts that called him "overratted" or "overly annoying" during the years, it wasn't until this eight month long absence in the game that the the realization ensued of how important Wayne is to hip-hop culture. The realization reach its high point when Weezy was caught with an mp3 player in his cell. If that doesn't show dedication and loyalty to your craft as well as fans, than I don't know what is. How much of a music fanatic can you be to take such a risk...in a federal prison?

There are only a few artists that exhibit pride, determination, and dedication in their work. A couple that aren't' afraid to shed some blood, sweat, tears, or time in order to create. And then there's one that embodies all of these key characteristics...

Welcome Back, Mr. Carter.

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