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Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I don't do rumors or fuel them but, just recently on the wild world of YouTube, I found a video that was interesting.  I remember viewing this video a couple years back (when Jay-Z re-emerged with Kingdom Come) about a young woman confessing to having sexual relations with Remy Ma (keep ya head up Remy, we miss you here...) and now that I think of it, and considering the rising speculation, was this culprit Nicki Minaj/Roman Zolanski/Martha?

I notice a little bit of acting. She looks familar and her voice does sound almost like the female emcee that's currently taking the game by storm and prepping her debut release Pink Friday on 11/22.

SideBar: Maybe it's her, maybe it's not, but for those that says "its not her,..she don't even look like Nicki" take a moment and think about that statement because I can recall past images of Nicki that don't even look like Nicki now.  But, like I said, we don't do the rumors thing so don't consider this one to be of many.

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