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Sunday, November 7, 2010


What...today's not Friday? Yeah, I already know but as many of you (maybe even some), okay some of you may have realized that there wasn't a #ClassicFriday feature this and last week.  Sorry about that.  The question is how am I going to make it up? Why not continue with what's looked like a "Weezy Week" this past week.

As you might know, the Cash Money savior (yeah, he's kept that light lit for these past couple years...matter of fact since the break up of the Hot Boys) and Young Money goon, Lil' Wayne has finally made it out of Rikers.  He's been missed by many including the haters and it's only right to show the Hollygrove boy some love...

The Year: 2005
Where: Hollygrove, NO

"Uh Oh...I'm Back..."

Hands down, my favorite Weezy track...

One of the best collabos this year...

Welcome Back...

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