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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

DJ Drama, DJ Green Lantern & Jadakiss Mixtape...???!!!

It's official, The Champ is Here 3, slated to be released May 1st after the Mayweather fight, will be hosted by DJ Drama & Green Lantern..."Ahhaaaa"

SideBar: "Til It All Falls Down" - Jadakiss (CDQ)

SideBar#2: The The Champ is Here series by Jada and DJ Green Lantern, is one of the best in the catalog of hip-hop mixtapes. Jada & Green have a chemisty that always comes off correct but this time with the addition of DJ Drama, I'm sure many are already on the tip of their toes.

Drama got to be the DJ of the year, too many good mixtapes in one year alone.

It's A Gangsta Grillz Invasion You Bastards!!!

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