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Thursday, April 29, 2010

WE BACK!!! Ah-Haaaa (Jada Laugh)

Sorry for the hiatus and the missed #ClassicFriday sessions, instead of providing reasons and apologies we're just going to move on the Knicks in offseason. This weeks is shaping up to be one of those BEAUTIFUL weeks in hip-hop and on hip-hop blogs (just like when #TiNc2 and Drake's "OVER" track came out back in March). Beside the Game dropping his RED ROOM mixtape alongside DJ Skee, which I still haven't had a chance to listen to yet, Eminem has finally dropped the new single we've been craving for since "Forever" released last year, Drake second single "For Your Love" has released, Rick Ross has announced that Hov will be on Teflon Don, tomorrow May 4th, Jeezy & Don Cannon are to drop Trap or Die II, etc. etc. etc. the list goes on.

To start off, check this trailer out Ah-Haaaa...

MAY 1st, Gangsta Grillz Invasion THE CHAMP IS HERE 3 ah-haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

SideBar: If that's what I think I heard, possibly a sequel to "The Champ is Here" track, it is insane. Very clever to use that Jellyroll produced "Bang" instrumental from Game's Doctor Advocate's album in 06.

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