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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Hip-Hop's BabyGirl

It's still hard to imagine that its been 9 years since the death of Aaliyah Dana
Haughton, better known by her stage name, Aaliyah. The late R&B songstress that was also an actress and model, was able to accomplish many feats during her lifetime, making her one of R&B's most proficient talents. From taking part in the popular television show, Star Search, the young vocalist from Detriot was able to grasp the attention of Jive Records. At the age of 12, Aaliyah was officially signed to a recording label.

With her debut, Age Aint Nothing But a Number, Aaliyah was able to sell three million copies throughout the United States, achieving double platinum certification. As controversy arose about her marriage to R. Kelly, Aaliyah signed to Atlantic records where the alliance with rising producer, Timbaland, and female emcee, Missy Eliott was built.

By 1996 her sophomore album, One in a Million, released dropping hit singles "If You're Girl Only Knew", "Hot Like Fire", and "4 Page Letter". Although reaching number 18 on the Billboard 200, One in a Million was able to garner another three million copies sold in the United States, while 8 million worldwide. Her talents were beginning to grasp major attention. Furthering this attention was her appearance in her first major film, Romeo Must Die, alongside lead actor Jet Li in 2000, which scored huge success at the box office.

"Get You're Self Up and Try It Again..."

After the release of the film and its accompanying soundtrack (in which she executive produced), Aaliyah landed her major hit with "Try Again" which gained a Grammy nomination and several VMA awards including Best Female Video and Best Video from a Film.

In 2001, her eponymous album released and soon tragically became her last. The album, executive produced by Timbaland, gave leeway to a newfound and well deserved fame/recognition for Aaliyah. The album spawned several hits including the self-empowering "More Than A Woman", "We Need A Resolution", and "Rock the Boat". The latter fatally became her last video.

Since her passing, millions of fans continue to have trouble coming to realization of her death. The young singer had so much of an impact to both her fans and music. Her abundance of musical contributions to both hip-hop and R&B has placed her in an eternal limelight. A limelight that's only given to the best of the best. Although the evident void in R&B remains since her loss, Aaliyah will never be forgotten.

You Are One in a Million...


     We Love and Miss You

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