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Sunday, August 1, 2010

"Please Don't Blow My Fly..."

There's been a lot of talk about this years newcomers in hip-hop.  A lot of talk because each of these artists are bringing something new to the rap table.  From J.Cole's impressive lyricism almost nostalgic to AZ and Nas, to Vado's impeccable street knowledge, can't forget Big Sean's notable punchlines/wordplay, and Nipsey Hussle's signature lazy but attention grasping flow; these artists are looking to bring some much needed fresh air in this cluttered hip-hop circle.  On this site, much light is shed on Cole and Vado out of the whole roster of freshmans but, the homey from Pittsburgh, PA is creating a strong buzz outside the PA parameters...better yet outside the country.

"Been Here For A Minute, You Ni**as Just Catching On..."

Recently while watching MTV2's Hip-Hop Summit, some of the panelists (which included RapRadar CEO and one of my idols, Elliot Wilson. DJ Envy, Miss Info, Ron Artest, Bun B, Jermaine Hall, Fat Joe, and DJ Drama) had a lot of positive things to say about Wiz Khalifa.  Dude has been doing his things for years and with his recent critical high note, Kush & Orange Juice, his buzz has been growing rapidly.  One song that I stumbled on that caught my full attention after the Hip-Hop Summit was his track off his second independent album, Deal Or No Deal (In Stores Now), titled "This Plane"...

From the first listen of the mixtape Kush & Orange Juice, dude also has potential to make an impact in the mainstream world, which is a quality most artist fail to own. He has a lazy flow much reminscent to Snoop and/or Curren$y but, has enough lyrical dexterity to have you on your toes; even if it is based on a lot of canibus induced material.  Look out for this guy...

Bonus: If you haven't jumped on the bandwagon as of yet or aren't convinced, download Kush & Orange Juice today. Just so you know, we told you so.

Taylor Gang or Die...

Kush & Orange Juice - Wiz Khalifa

SideBar: As of July 30th, Wiz is officially an artist on Atlantic Records. #Clap4Em

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