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Thursday, August 12, 2010

"It's Not A Video...it's A Painting!"

Last week, Mr. West released one of his most anticipated videos yet.  No, it wasn't any of his previous studio sessions with RZA, DJ Premier, or Pete Rock. Instead, it was for his current single that is currently burning up the charts, "Power."  If there was any word to describe the Chicago emcee that blessed us back in '04 with his classic debut, College Dropout, and his very forthright facade, it would have to be eccentric.

Its without a doubt that Kanye-to-the takes everything to the next level or better yet, plateau.  However, it is this characteristic that defines his importance to this culture and music. His creativity alone is unmatched while lyricism has improved since the "Mayonnaise colored Benz, I push miracle whips..." days.   Undoubtedly, in the end it is these key features about Kanye that carves out his own lane and placement among some of Hip-Hop's greatest  emcees of all time.  

Before the release of his current single, "Power", via Twitter, Kanye specifically addressed that the visual he was shooting was to be a "portrait...a moving portrait" instead of a music video.  Talk about stepping out the box.  Fans grew impatient because of the anticipation and when it finally debuted on MTV on August 5th, they all were left with confusion.  This eventually resulted in a number of criticism.

It's funny how fans grew upset for something that was described to them before hand...


...Tweeted by Kanye before the premiere; its mind-bottling at how many were expecting something other than "a moving portrait."  Although this move by Kanye was definitely unordinary, it should have been expected considering his rap sheet at being the elephant in the room. 

Amidst the criticism given on the portrait it was definitely bold and entertaining.  What other rapper, or better yet musician, you know would be so bold to release this type of project to promote their first single in over a year considering an almost year-long hiatus that followed a worldwide media disaster.  We thought so...

Overall, this "Power" video is indeed intriguing being that it is one of a kind as well as artistically invigorating. 

SideBar: Will this get played on 106 & Park? Hmm...

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