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Friday, May 7, 2010

#ClassicFriday... "We Hit the Club like Nino and the CMB..."

On this edition of #ClassicFridays, we're going to turn the tables and discuss one of the best movies of all times. A film that's contributed to both the hip-hop community and on-screen landscape.

In 1991, Thomas Lee Wright and co-writer Barry Michael Cooper penned down a script that took the plot of Scarface and placed in in the hood, during one of the worst ages in most urban communities especially NY, the crack era.

Wesley Snipes stars as the power-hungry Nino Brown, who takes over NY with his childhood crew CMB, while undercover cops Scotty Appleton and Nick Peretti (played by Ice-T and Judd Nelson)seek to put an end to this bloody and drug-filled reign.

The film hands down is one of the best and my favorites of all time. It laid the foundation for other hood movies that would follow.

Check out the music that contributed to this iconic film.

"Cancel that Bitch..." (c) Nino Brown

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