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Friday, May 7, 2010


"Fuck is everybody so mad at the south for (why)
Learn how to switch ya style up go southpaw..."
© Jada.

After listening to the original Trap or Die , I finally realized how big of a deal it was and why. Jeezy proved that was in another lane compared to all the other Southern artists that were putting stamps on the game (circa 2005). The tape is indeed a classic but mainly for its time, even if it was 5 years ago. During that time a lot of artists(especially in NY) kept bitching were complaining about the rise of the Southern movement in hip-hop and Jeezy maintained and triumphed over the stereotype by showcasing his raw lyrics, favorable charisma, and characteristic of being "realer than the rest".

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010
5 Years later...

This time with Don Cannon, Jeezy sequels the original and brings us Trap Or Die II: By Any Means Necessary. The 22 tracked mixtape is all original tracks unlike Trap Or Die I where it featured freestyles over certain instrumentals. Jeezy shows and prove with this one and personally I prefer this over the original.

Key highlights include the "Ill'In" track with Clipse (Pusha single handedly destroys that track), "Hood Politics", "Trap or Die 2 w/ Bun B"...matter of fact the whole tape is worth the listen.

Trap Or Die II: By Any Means Necessary - Jeezy

SideBar: Jeezy and Don got to get the award for best mixtape cover of the year.

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