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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"Like Sheeeeeeiitt..."

As many of you know by now, the homey DJ Drama finally dropped the highly anticipated Boss of All Bosses: Gangsta Grillz 2.5 by U.N's own Cam & Vado.  The two have showcased their ability to provide quality music for diehard and new fans and they haven't disappointed since the series' first release last summer.

Now its 2.5 (an extension of part two) and the duo has decided to take another route with the offering by instead of free, giving it out for purchase. WAAAT?!...times is that hard?

Nah, but yeah I know many felt the same way. It's a shock being that it was free with the first two tapes but, at the end of the day you got to support the artists.  I got to say this current tape, although it is a mixtape it has somewhat or more of an album feel than and that's loosely based on the beats.  With an Alchemist produced track, feature by KiD CuDi and Funeral Fab (Loso) its definitely a different ball game.

Cam & Vado seem to always step up lyrically on each tape and this one is no different.  Looking at tracks like "Raise it Up", "Road Trip", & "I Don't Believe Ni**as" the duo (most notably Vado) go bar for bar over several already certified street bangers.  They also seem to aim at distinguishing their own lyrical capabilities with the inclusions of their own solo tracks such as Cam successfully flowing over Weezy & Gucci's "Steady Mobbin'"("Steady") and Vado taking it back to '90s with his flow on "The Council"(without the unnecessary Willie the Kid feature).

An instant favorite is in the current radio hit "Speakin' Tongues"...

...and the hilarious "New Head" skit where Cam tells his shorty "you suck dick like you in the '90s, there's new head out..." Only Cam.

Overall, the tape is worth a listen and if you got the cash, cop it.  One of the best tracks however is without a doubt...

"Like Sheeeeit" (Produced by Araab Muzik) - Cam'Ron & Vado

SideBar: Unlike every other Araab Muzik beat that sound the same, this got to be is his best.  It's funny how every track he, Cam, & Vado put out sound the same but are certified street anthems.

Look out for that Slime Flu coming your way soon...

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