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Friday, May 28, 2010

#ClassicFriday..."New Jack Swing"

Before Dr. Dre discovered the G-Funk era, New York had it swinging...
In the late '80s, a Harlem cat by the name of Teddy Riley created a new sound that helped define a new era and new generation...in music.  A culmination of hip-hop and r&b is what later became known as New Jack Swing.  The mixture of the two genres helped break down the barrier once held between them.  "Back then, rappers and singers didn't want anything to do with one another" Riley stated.

From the time it became recognized, the new sound became the music of a new generation and culture, bringing forth melodic tunes that many still to this day yearn for.  The soulful yet aggresive tunes was the defiant sound of the late '80s -early '90s.

As we pay tribute to one of the greatest things to happen in music, check out some of the #classic tunes that defined an era. 

New Jack Swing Forever...

Boston's own, Bell Biv DeVoe

Classic after Classic...

Lets take it to Motown, Philly
Philadelphia, 1991

Mt. Vernon's Own Heavy D & The Boyz, 1991 (R.I.P Trouble T)

New York, NY, 1989
One of the Best Groups in R&B

Atlanta, Georgia, 1992
What About... (R.I.P Left Eye)

Last but not least, saving the best for last...R.I.P. MJ


I know there's plenty of other hits and it just doesn't stop here, but there's only but much space I could fill this up with videos.  However, just like Riley said, "The party's not over..." New Jack Swing can heard through several back in the day artists' catalogs, do your ears and selves a favor by checking'em out.

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