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Monday, May 31, 2010

Nicki Minajing the Hip-Hop Formula

Okay I agree that this pic look creepy but, its Ms. Mother Fu*king Nicki Minaj.  What is it about her that makes her the best in this hip-hop game...?

"Now all these bitches wanna try and be my bestie, But I take a left and leave 'em hangin' like a testis..."

When the word female MC came up in conversations two years ago, the reply would usually be "who?" Sometimes you'd even get the names of legends mentioned (MC Lite, Queen Latifah, Da Brat, etc).

After BIG's death in '97 Lil' Kim was nothing less than the Queen of NY. While Foxy Brown kept it Firm on the charts, Lauryn Hill kept the spotlight and Score which all led us to her classic Miseducation in 1999. But like NaS asked on his 2006 LP, Hip-Hop is Dead, "Where Are They Now?"

In the 2000s, Eve took over the game under her Ruff Ryder umbrella and after a successful last single with "Tambourine" in 2007, we were left asking "where'd she go?". Remy Ma, although underrated, was the next up and ORIGINALLY had the female MCs "asking about Remy". But, after a brief stint with her homegirl, 8 years in the pen became her new home and like that a gender void in hip-hop became much more evident.


Now its 2010 and a woman by the name of Nicki Minaj is currently filling up that void. From mixtape appearances alongside Lil' Wayne to officially becoming the first lady on Young Money (followed by Shanell), not to mention the many guest appearances on various artists' records, the Queens bred MC is seeking to keep her lane clear and empty of competition.  *A key note- She has no album out*

Unlike other female MCs that have came and gone, Nicki actually has what it takes to conquer a genre ruled out by gender.

With an upcoming album and growing cult-like fan base, she's reaching heights that almost no other female MC has done in a while and quite frankly shaking up a once stale and out grown hip-hop formula.

On almost every album done by rappers, a commercial song or what Jada likes to call "songs for the bitches" would have to be instated. Fab takes the crown for creating much of these records but, for any other artist, its damn near difficult. With a stagnant record industry, the death of auto-tune feature (wipes forehead in relief), and weak album sales many rappers have to succumb to making these mainstream aimed "special" tracks. The reason? Because it is what gets the females (main purchasers of albums) to purchasing their CD.

What does Nicki have to do with this?

Exhibit A, two months ago Luda dropped a track that got most of the audience to buying "Battle of the Sexes" sure it could've been due to "How Low" but we all were astonished to hear him and Minaj go at it on the hit single "My Chick Bad".
"It's goin' down - basement, Friday the 13th, guess who's playin' Jason, Tuck yourself in, you better hold on to ya teddy, It's Nightmare on Elm Street and guess who's playin' Freddy..."

On the winner of "Pushed-Back Awards", #TiNc2, Fab featured Minaj on easily the most highlighted track on the tape, "For the Money." "See I am who I am, Nicki M-MothaF*cka, if she say she not a fan, she a lying MothaF-cka..."

It doesn't stop there, on his recent monstrous mixtape, Jada also brought out Minaj for their duet, "She Like Me."  "Even when its dark I be sunnin' them..."

It's no doubt that by the popularity of these tracks alone, Nicki has single handily shaken up the original "must have r&b single" formula for most hip-hop artists. Instead of sounding forced with these styled mainstream singles, rappers will now be in much more of a comfortable zone because they can use the same lyrical ability they are known for without dumbing it down a bit.

But, does this come with a price?  Is Nicki really going to be the next Lil' Wayne when it comes to remixes and features because of this lyrical force she possesses?  The answer to that is sure to come in the near future but its important to note that her mark in the game has certainly been incredible.  It's not doubt that Ms. Nicki M "-Mothaf-cka" is a beast and will keep her counterparts, whether on the same tracks or not, on their toes.

Look out for her new LP that will be coming out the woodworks soon.

SideBar: Seems like she's even opened the eyes of the many female artists that took hiatus (See "My Chick Bad" remix").

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