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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Classic Fridays...

As we take you to another installment of our classic fridays don't forget March 9th aka "Notorious Day". Pushin' Mounts will start off Notorious week this Monday to remember the classic moments and life of the Greatest Rapper of All Time, Biggie Smalls. Stay Tuned...

Today we're going to focus on the man the myth the legend, Jay-Z, on his second album and one track off Vol. 2, circa 1998. After dropping almost another #Classic with his sophomore album In My Lifetime...Vol. 1, Hov wanted to redeem himself that loss and dropped his most successful album to date, Vol. 2...Hard Knock Life. The bonus track on that album was an unforgettable collabo with Jermaine Dupri (who produced it as well), also known as JD, that garnered a Grammy nomination at the 1999 Grammy Awards.

With that said,

The Year is 1998

Second single off JD's Life in 1472 and bonus track off Hov's Vol. 2...

Here we have another #classic track that should've replaced "Sunshine" on In My Lifetime...Vol. 1 and "I Know What Girls Like" could have been left off. If that was the case, the album would've indeed receive it's almost well deserved response.


"I'm the focal point like Biggie in his prime, on the low though shhh...the City is Mine"

We don't call it Classic Fridays for nothing...

One of my favorite tracks off the album

We're gonna end this off with one last #classic track off this album, "If I shoot you I'm brainless but, if you shoot me then your famous..."

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