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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

"I'm Back vs. Over..."


This past week Drake premiered his first single "Over" off his upcoming anticipated debut Thank Me Later. Evidently, this week T.I., fresh off of a year and a day prison sentence, released a street single to welcome him back. With both releases, I have to say I'm more pleased with T.I.'s track than Drake's.

"Over" is a good single, dont get me wrong, but with a first single for one of the most anticipated album since Detox (to be released never) I have to say its a disappointment. Overall, the track serves in the lyrical aspect and beat selection, but as a mainstream single it doesn't really pump you up as much as "Best I Ever Had" did or "Successful." I understand both of those singles there are from the infamous mixtape but this single seems like more a mixtape single as well.

It's good when an artist goes to showcase their lyrical talent on a first single but, in today's music industry you almost have to always have the club single ready first before showing what you can really do lyrically.

I think its a dope song and a great beat selection but, I'm still waiting on a single that really hypes me up for the upcoming album. This probably and definitely has to grow on me. With such a big buzz, you got to do better than this. Until then, I know the homey Drizzy got some heat in the bag.

T.I.'s however, from the head nodding/bass pounding beat by The Trackslayez to the hard hitting lyrics, Tip prepares everyone for the road ahead and all that's left to be said is
"Yall got less than 2 months to get yall thing together, Good Luck..."

"I'm Back" - T.I. (Prod. by Trackslayez)

"Over" - Drake (Prod. by Boi-1da & Al-Khaaliq)

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