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Friday, March 19, 2010

Classic Fridays

"10 Years from Now We'll Still Be on Top..."

Week Five of Pushin' Mounts 'Classic Friday' brings up an era that was like no other. No, its not the era of the Juice Crew or RUN DMC, instead: "BAD BOY BABY".

During and after B.I.G.'s lifetime, Bad-Boy was on the rise but 1997 was the year the mania exploded. Remember getting "Jiggy" with the Lox, or going "Around the World" with Ma$e and Puff? How about stealing the 112 line to tell your shorty "Only You, could make me feel..."

1997-2000 was a period that found Bad-Boy as the new world order of hip-hop. Everyone was familar with their slogan, "We Can't Stop Won't Stop" and they dominated everything. Even though they'll never be the same and won't be as big as they were during that time, Puff and Bad-Boy were the best thing that happened to hip-hop and music in general.

let's take a stroll down memory lane...

The Year is 1996(-2000)

They Invented the Remix

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