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Friday, March 5, 2010

"The Wait is Over...No DJ tracks"

The wait is finally over, #TiNC2 is finally out. After countless delays and push backs, DJ Drama & Fab proved that time is of the essence, "Money aint everything, its more about the timing." This mixtape by far clears out any album that released in 2010 so far, being that is THAT DAMN GOOD. Fab doesn't just kill the competition, he slaughters and performs the obituary all at once.

It's actually hard to just pick one track that clearly explains the magnitude of what we're talking about which is what makes it another #classic mixtape like the first.

"Body Bag" - Fabolous Featuring Cam'ron & Vado

"Body Ya" - Fabolous

"For The Money" - Fabolous Featuring Nicki Minaj

#TiNC2 = a good look for hip-hop in 2010, it could definitely be Fab's year.

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