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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"...Massive Attack"

Here's Nicki Minaj's first single "Massive Attack", from her as-yet-to-be titled debut album. Produced by Hype Williams and cameos by Birdman and Amber Rose, the video is kind of confusing and weird at times. The best part overall is simply the scenes with Nicki and her body...(dadada Dam).

Check For Yourself.

SideBar: The "Massive Attack" track is somewhat ight. The beat is interesting and lyrics as well but, overall the song leaves you with an undecided (IM smiley face) look. It will be a hit, no doubt about that, but its just....[insert Kanye Shrug].

"Massive Attack (Featuring Sean Garrett) (Prod. by Alex Da Kid) - Nicki Minaj

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