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Monday, July 19, 2010

"It's Jizzle From the Bottom of the Map..."

It looks like we have an actual "OFFICIAL" release date for Jeezy's most anticipated forthcoming album, TM 103.  September 28th (his birthday) will be the official date for his latest Thug Motivation installment.  If you thought that was enough get this, below is his newest single from the aforementioned LP featuring production from Shawty Redd and guest appearance from the "YEAAAH!" man himself Lil' Jon (no Eastside Boyz).

"Jizzle" (Produced by Shawty Redd & D. Rich) (Featuring Lil' Jon) - Young Jeezy

SideBar:  Look out for the upcoming Aug/Sept. 2010 XXL 13th Anniversary issue which will feature both Jeezy and Shyne on separate covers.

SideBar2:  This track knocks, don't know if it does for the mainstream though but, since when does Jeezy try to head in that direction? "Ah-haaaaaaa!!!" (Jeezy ad-lib)

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