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Monday, July 5, 2010

Live From Wireless Festival 2010...

All we have to say here is Jay-Z x J. Cole, both on one stage, in front of thousands...

Jay-Z (Feat J.Cole) - A Star Is Born (Wireless Festival 2010) from Roy Thomas on Vimeo.

SideBar: I was fortunate to see these two on stage together last year and it was just incredible and an epic moment almost like Nas and Hov when they made peace back in '05 for Power 105's "I Declare War Concert".  The reason to that is because Cole and Hov are like Vito and Michael Coreleone, except their not related.  Cole is on the Come Up while Hov already had and completed the Blueprint to his success.  He is undoubtedly one of the greatest rappers of all time (if not already), so to have him sign this newcomer to RocNation and officially co-sign him on "A Star is Born" is sort of like seeing a legend pass down the torch to his novice. On stage, live, its a scene that you get to witness before your eyes.

Cole makes the crowd ask "Who Dat" and it was LIVVVVE!!!...

J.Cole - 'Who Dat' (Wireless Festival 2010) from Roy Thomas on Vimeo.

"Lights Please"

J.Cole - 'Lights Please' (Wireless Festival 2010) from Roy Thomas on Vimeo.

J.Cole - Losing My Balance (Wireless Festival 2010) from Roy Thomas on Vimeo.

"RocNation Motherf*ckas...!!!"

"Hello Good Morning" Live Freestyle w/ DJ Semtex - J. Cole

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