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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Miami's Own...

Yup, I said Miami in the headline.  What does this pic have to do with the title you ask? Well...

First and foremost, LeBron James was able to put a nail to the coffin in regards to this whole free agency media blitz.  After weeks of speculation and interviews, tonight live on ESPN he said the following words, "In this fall, its very tough, i'm going to take my talents to South Beach and join the Miami Heat..." Just with those words alone, the media world and sports fans (excluding Miami fans, etc.) stood still in both shock and shame.  Many, including myself, believed the hometown hero to stay with the Cavaliers but after years without a championship ring it was in Bron's best interest to make the move.  He couldn't have explained his motives better than reciting the message his mother told him, which was believing in what's best for you and what'll make you happy in the end.    

I say that this was indeed a wise choice because of the caliber of a team Miami has at this point.; The Big 3. Cleveland won't ever take a liking to this.

SideBar: Being from NY and a diehard NY Knicks fan, it was embarrassing to see the city go irate with the expectation of LeBron playing in a NY jersey at the Garden.  Don't get me wrong, it would be a wonderful site but, to say that LeBron "has" to come to the city because he wore a Yankee hat is just ridiculous.  It may not have been in those words but, on the back cover of today's NY DAILY NEWS the title read "Don't Screw Us Now" with a picture of LeBron wearing a Yankee fitted.  

Now, last time I checked wearing a sports fitted hat doesn't entirely mean you're a fan of the team. How many Hollywood actors/actresses or people you know sport Yankee fits and when you ask them they often don't even watch the sport? (I know I don't).  Lil' Wayne often times could be seen sporting a Yankee fit and he reps New Orleans and Miami to the fullest. Right? Fat Joe sports several different team fitted caps but, if you ask him NY is his heart and soul. I myself have a Chicago White Sox fitted and best believe that I am not a White Sox fan, not even a little bit.  These items are all fashionable gear that simply complements your clothing.  
From Mayor Bloomberg looking like an ass to promote Bron Bron to make the move (which I initially feel is the reason why NY wasn't on his mind), not to mention the number of issues the city is currently going through, to New Yorkers riding on the wave that just because he's sporting a Yankee fit he's aiming to be a Knick is just a reason why we're the best city in the country.  Everyone is nuts. 

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