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Monday, June 28, 2010


As many or some of you may know, tonight BET showcased their annual awards show and like every year it was lukewarm.  One of the highlights of the night would undoubtedly be the Chris Brown - Michael Jackson Tribute.

After last year's attempt at a tribute, it was refreshing to see BET finally giving C Breezy his shine and opportunity to make up by paying homage to the King; not to mention the realization to the media that an MJ Tribute isn't possible without that man.

Much respect to C. Breezy.

One of the #WTF moments however, would have to be the nominations and recipient of the Best Female & Male Hip-Hop Artists.  Both Nicki Minaj and Drake won and I give them their props especially Drizzy but, to me honestly, they didn't deserve it....just yet.


First of all, in a nomination of female hip-hop artists including Ester Dean (phenomenal songwriter), Rasheeda (who?), Trina, and Lil' Kim, who would not expect Nicki to win.  None of these artists, except Trina and Rasheeda(where did she come from?), dropped an album  in '09-'10.  It felt sort of disrespectful and suspect to even put Lil'Kim in the line-up when she hasn't been in the game like that (considering "Computer Love") and a legend in the female hip-hop category.  It's understandable that such a line-up was created by the lack of female MCs but, it also felt suspect being that it kind of fed fuel to the fire in the Nicki/Lil' Kim situation.

To have Nicki win was too early in her soon to be started career (no album) and just brings about more boosting and bragging.  In my opinion, after an album is dropped Nicki could have well deserved the award.  She's only dropped verses over different artists' singles and one single herself, "Massive Attack" which was very mediocre considering her buzz.   But, then again if she didn't win who would? Rasheeda?(Come on, why was she in there?)

With the homey Drizzy Drake, it was almost unfathomed.  Jay-Z, Fabolous, B.o.B., Ludacris and the winner Drake.  It is understandable because he just dropped an album and let's not even discuss the anticipation but, Jay deserved it considering the incredible music released by the infamous Blueprint 3.  Fab also dropped a jewel with Loso's Way this past summer and would deserve an award considering his features on other artists' records.

I could've seen anyone else in that category walking out as the award winner (except B.o.B., who is also is a phenomenal talent to music itself) but Drizzy.  Just like Nicki, it was too early.  Yeah he already got nominated for a Grammy, dropped an album (which was a great body of work), and has all these other accolades attached to his resume but, next year would've been perfect.  Best Hip-Hop Artist says a lot but, Jay deserved it.

You can call me bias but, that whole show (just like every year) was bias.

SideBar: Alicia Keys, El Debarge, Prince tribute, Diddy-Dirty Money, KANYEEZY, Drake, and even J.Cole's appearance, etc.; they all gave great performances.  Clap for'em...

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