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Friday, June 25, 2010


He was the best to do it and to ever accomplish it.  A man whom is described as one of one and like no other.  The Legendary King of Pop. From his epic solo moment on the Motown 25 (to which Diddy describes as "Magic") to this grandeur Super Bowl XXVII Halftime  performance in the Rose Bowl at Pasadena, California; Michael Jackson was such an important and iconic figure to many generations. 

His spirit and legacy are impossible to be forgotten

Rest In Peace

We Love You...

After the jump are vintage videos, check'em out...

"Remember the Time" LIVE '93

My Favorite Video

What kind of tribute would this be if  the timeless "Thriller" wasn't included.  I must say after all these years of watching it, I still get chills of the music video.  It was just so damn scary.  I mean if a video and track has that kind of effect on you after 15+ years, it undeniably has to be an incredible masterpiece; two words that poignantly defines MJ's legacy.

                                                            Long Live the King
                                               (August 29th, 1958 - June 25th, 2009)

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