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Sunday, June 27, 2010

1. I’m Not A Star
2. Free Mason f. Jay-Z
3. Tears Of Joy f. Cee-Lo
4. Maybach Music III f. T.I., Jadakiss & Erykah Badu
5. Live Fast, Die Young f. Kanye West
6. Super High f. Ne-Yo
7. No. 1 f. Trey Songz & Diddy
8. MC Hammer f. Gucci Mane
9. B.M.F. (Blowin’ Money Fast) f. Styles P
10. Aston Martin Music f. Drake & Chrisette Michele
11. All The Money In The World f. Raphael Saadiq

JULY 20th, the homey @RIckyRozay drops his most anticipated album yet. Teflon Don.  Yeah, he's not the best rapper out in terms of lyrical ability but, one cannot doubt this man's tenacity and ambitious charisma.  With his latest album on the way, Ross will attempt to shun his critics and prove why he's good at what he does.  

One thing that urks me about this new album and new movement by the homey is the fact that he's paying homage to the same crime lords that disrespected a culture and people.  Don't get me wrong because a lot of hip-hop artists, and of other genres, pay tribute to these individuals and others that make a name for their selves by any mean necessary.  That being Frank Lucas to Larry Hoover, etc. (no disrespect).  But, for someone that means so much for a community and a figure in hip-hop, why pay homage to figures whom some are quoted as saying  "Being a nigger is an embarrassment..."  

I just don't understand...

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