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Thursday, June 3, 2010

"Its CNN..."

                                          ...ITS CAMOUFLAGE SEASON

The legendary Queensbridge Duo, Capone-N-Noreaga aka CNN rips the Jeezy, Drake & Weezy track.

SideBar:  I wasn't really ever a CNN fan to begin with (no disrespect) but, was always aware of their being in hip-hop.  It's no surprise that their contribution to the genre has been lengthy, especially with their classic debut War Report back in '97.  Tracks like "LA, LA" , "Capone Bone", "Neva Die Alone" were just part of what cemented CNN's place in hip-hop's legendary elite.

As many fans know, the sequel to this critically acclaimed debut is set to be released July 13th through Raekwon's IceH20 label, and a mixtape with DJ Green Lantern, Camouflage Season, is set to be released prior with this cut included...

"Goin' In Freestyle" - CNN

"Have'em strippin' in the streets...Erykah Badu"

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