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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Rubberband Stacks...Huuuh!!!

Just like that, Cam'ron and Vado are back for another street takeover with this time, Busta Rhymes.  This is off their upcoming U.N. album dropping August 24th.

"Rubberband Stacks" (Featuring Busta Rhymes) - Cam'ron & Vado

SideBar: I always get hype while watching how NY showed so much love to the homey Cam and Vado to the point that they had the biggest reaction of the night.  Of course it's no surprise considering Cam's track record but, for the dude Vado its even more special being that it was his first show to really broadcast his talent for a whole wider audience.  


Flex talks to Vado about his big SummerJam debut: “listen man, this is New York City, my brother, that coulda gone either way for you. I seen people die on that stage…there’s so many things that can happen that can bring a boo out of that crowd but you handled your business, you got more confident as your verse went along….

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