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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

BlackBerry Magnum

Pushin' Mounts usually discusses hip-hop and fashion related info but, after reading this, we had to take the time out to announce the new BlackBerry that's in the works.

Gizmodo.com posted an article on a brand and topic that most of us are closely associated with, the BlackBerry. BlackBerry is the elite brand in cellular phones that caters to your every need. The article announced the creation of a new BlackBerry that is in the current works, the BlackBerry Magnum. The phone will have a mix of two features that will largely impact many blackberry users, the touchscreen along with the QWERTY keyboard.

The decision this blend in features is big news to many BlackBerry users of either the Storm (1 or 2) or Bold. From the looks of the new phone, it is definitely something to look out for with anticipation.

The Storm was sort of a let down, because of its bulky appearance and the annoying attempt at typing meanwhile, the Bold was quite frankly the best out of all the others (except the Tour) because of its inclusion of many features.

There's no word on the other features and release date for the BlackBerry Magnum but stay tuned for more info as it develops.

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