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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

"Make A Better Day For You and Me..."

With all the hype around the new version of "WE ARE THE WORLD" and the criticism along with that, why don't we take a look at the classic track made by the "who's who" of celebrities in the '80s.

I wasn't even born when it was released, so I definitely don't know the impact of the song, but when I first saw and heard the song, it touched me,I feel, the same way it did to people that heard it '80s. The message was clear and the presence of all the celebrities from actors/actresses to musicians, it assured you that the project was undoubtedly for a good cause. Let's not even mention the presence of Michael Jackson. Without him, I feel the song wouldn't have been the "big deal" that is was or even created the impact it did worldwide; which is a reason why I'm a bit skeptical of the new version.

But, as a new generation coming in, this is a project that has to be made because it will be continued further on generation after generation, portraying that we must all come together as one, when tragedy strikes our brothers and sisters.

-RIP Michael Jackson and all those we lost in this video

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