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Friday, February 12, 2010

"We Are The World" (25 For Haiti)

The skeptism is put on hold, as we watch...

I have to say the song and collective work surpassed what I thought it would've been. It was actually a little better than I thought but, of course my stance will still have to be that the ORIGINAL was better, and it always will be.
First off, what I highly disliked was the auto-tune inclusion. You'd think since this is such a big cause and an issue that the artists would be told to use their actual voices. If Weezy can't sing have him on the rapping section, or do what Kanye and Wil.I.Am were doing. When I heard and saw T-Pain, that was when it went downhill. Auto-Tune didn't have to be included in such an anticipated follow-up to a classic. We didn't see Cindy Lauper beatboxing in the original right? so why this.

Another issue would have to be the rapping segment. LL Cool J is a legend in his own right but, WHY the rapping?? Not only was it corny but I didn't understand what was being said. They should've kept it short and simple like with Kanye and Wil.I.Am (my favorite part).

Now, I know everyone had problems with who was in the project but, that's not an issue. The original had alot of people that didn't need to be there but is still considered a classic. I had no issue with the people that were chosen.

A funny highlight was the Jamie Foxx rendition of Ray Charles (R.I.P) LoL. It was definitely a moment that wasn't necessary but you couldn't help but smile or laugh.

Overall, I'm going to say that I love the original better. This new version can't and couldn't match up to the first but then again, I praise it for being a new version for a new generation. We (those who saw the original) may not like it because our close relationship to the first, but the new generation will, being that its new school and fresh.


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