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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Dear Kanye...

Dear Kanye,

First of all I want to ask what's good with that upcoming album? We,your fans, are hungry for some new material. Most of all, we're awaiting you to shut down all these "Haters".
It's a shame that out of all your accomplishments, people are picking at these little things you do to take that all away. We at Pushin' Mounts is here yo tell you that we SALUTE you.
After all your actions from "George Bush doesn't like Black People...", to denouncing Taylor Swift, to wearing full fledged fur at the Paris Menswear Fashion Week you prove that we, America, are picking at little issues instead of the big issues at hand. You also prove that we are bored with our own lives to be focusing on "hating" or crticizing you.
I mean at the VMAs, you said something that 4 out of of us were saying, same as at the telethon. Although, as a person at your postition, it is rude and disrespectful but, like I said you announced something that most of us all were feeling. Last time I checked, everyone doesn't think the same or share similar views.

You're like a voice for the people, but with that comes a price as we've seen throughout our history. Society, as we have come to understand, doesn't like the T-word: TRUTH. We're afraid of people saying what we really want to say or what others would want to say and respond to that by hating. Now the PETA thing, I could understand. Wearing fur isn't the best decision to make as well as provoking PETA (the worst group to mess with). I thought wearing the wrong color attire was worse, but PETA takes the cake for the most dangerous group in America (in a good way lol). But, America is a 'FREE' country right? We have to right to our own decisions, right? "Freedom of Speech" doesn't that ring a bell?
It leaves a disturbing taste in my mouth to see people alienate theirselves from the rights we have by hating on those who exercise theirs. SMH...

Like I Said, you are the voice of our generation and we, your fans, will support you to the fullest. For those who don't feel the same, they should play this song and feel where we're coming from...

Keep Doing What You Do Yeezy.

Your Fan,

Pushin' Mounts

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