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Tuesday, February 9, 2010


On to the Next Ones for 2010
The next artist we got on our list of favorites in 2010 is none other than Cam'ron's newest protege'...
so move over and jump off a bridge Young B and Webstar, we got the official "Voice of Harlem" and he goes by the name Vado.

At first, being a Jay-Z fan, Cam wasn't ever on my list of people I'd be a fan of or listen to ("Down & Out" = favorite Cam'Ron solo track) but Spring 2009 hit and the track "Get it in Ohio" was drew my ears to Cam followed by another track with him and Jadakiss "Let's Talk About It." After these two tracks and extinction of lyrical shots at Hov, it was safe to listen to Cam without any skepticism.

Summer 2009, DJ Drama & Cam'ron Presents "Boss of All Bosses", a mixtape that featured an up and coming artist from Harlem that went by the name Vado. When asked in an interview what his name represented, he replied "Violence And Drugs Only...when I get mainstream of course Im gonna change that[laughs]."
That represents only some of the content in the lyrically skilled Vado. Although he isn't like J. Cole (previously discussed) in terms of lyrics, he definitely provides you with realism in every rhyme he spits and a storytelling ability that will strike you to want more. Can't forget his street appeal that blows any other rapper you knew from Harlem out of the picture (no shots). Violence and Drugs aren't the only things the Harlem cat raps about, "I'm so cool and I speak fly, you can't even hear the room when I breeze by..." He incorporates many content in his rhymes, including his love and passion for Polo and Rugby(which he named his son after), and can't really be compared to anyone else which is a positive.
Boss of All Bosses 2, dropped early this year and was a satisfaction for the ears of many fans. Cam'ron has made a perfect choice with this one and that cannot be denied.
Look out for their upcoming group album "The U.N", which will release two albums this year, and feature mostly Cam & Vado along with other members such as Charlie Clips, Byrd Lady, etc.
Also Vado has an upcoming anticipated mixtape titled, "The Slime Flu" and a debut album, all scheduled for this year. It's going to be a busy year for the "Slime" and we got our money on him...

Download: "Boss of All Bosses" & "Boss of All Bosses 2"


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