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Thursday, February 25, 2010

"Sugar Hill..."

AZ, one of the best rappers alive period and most underrated, is planning on following in the footsteps of his homey Raekwon, and release a sequel to his critically acclaimed #classic debut: Doe or Die.

The Visualiza recently spoke to HipHopDx to discuss his upcoming follow-up, Doe or Die 2 due out during the summer.

AZ promised to DX that the wicked wordplay he displayed on the superb lyrical exercise B-side to “Sugar Hill” will definitely make its way to his new album.
“Oh guaranteed, me and Pete in the studio now,” AZ replied when asked if a “Rather Unique Pt. 2” might be in the works for DOD2. “Guaranteed, [me and] Pete Rock, we in the studio now. I’ma do more than one joint [with Pete].”

Additionally welcomed was AZ’s confirmation to DX that the remaining trackmasters behind the original Doe Or Die are currently being recruited for the sequel.

“Buckwild’s on board,” he revealed. “I spoke to L.E.S., I spoke to D/R [Period], I spoke to them, they all there. At the same time, I wanna bring newcomers to the table.”

Maybe surprising to some, one of the new sonic architects on board for the East New York native’s re-up will be Atlanta’s own DJ Toomp.

“I’m gonna get some joints from him,” AZ revealed of his plans to work with T.I.’s sonic supplier. “I spoke to him. I’m trying to reach out to Dr. Dre. I’m trying to make this epic too, like just bring everything to a full circle. So I’m gonna [reach back] into the past, but I’m also gonna bring it to the future.”

“I even need a joint from Kanye,” he further revealed, “I gotta knock on his door. I’m gonna knock on his door real soon.”

The collaborator Hip Hop heads are most interested to know if AZ will be knocking on the door of anytime soon is the sole big-name guest emcee from the original Doe Or Die, for a possible sequel to the crime-rhyme classic “Mo Money, Mo Murder, Mo Homicide.”

“I got a record so gangsta for homie,” said Sosa of his plans to reunite on wax with Nas. “I know he’s going through it [dealing with personal issues right now], but this is my message to the homie, c’mon and let’s keep it going, what don’t kill us makes us stronger. We don’t speak as much [as we used to], but I’m a stand-up dude and we from that stand-up era, so he know what it is. Tell him c’mon out of the cage and get with his boy. That’s my word to him. [Unfortunately] I gotta speak via interview to reach him.”

Currently on my toes after reading this exciting news. AZ is by one of the best of the best, your favorite rapper's favorite rapper. It's just ashame that he never really reached the success he's deserved for the past 15years. His time will indeed come and I hope this sequel to the undoubtledly #classic Doe or Die comes through correct as well because when most artist do this, they end up in the fire they played with. The only person to accomplish such a feat was of course The Chef, Raekwon (dropping the decades best hip-hop album of all time).

Catch the full interview on HipHopDX.com

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