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Friday, February 12, 2010

"Put It In a Love Song..."

Since its everyone's favorite time of the year, Pushin' Mounts would like to wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day and to help your day out why don't we post some of our favorite love songs...sorry I'm just in a good mood (Kanye Shrug)
First off can't start V-Day without our lost angel, Aaliyah

Young Lloyd...

What happen to Renee? The Lost Boyz'll tell you...

Definitely a sad track but a solid one as well.

You should know Loso will have alot of videos in this post...

This guy's buzz was incredible at this time, he was past platinum.

Just in case you don't want to be so direct, let this song do the talking...



Can't go wrong with this for the "Ride or Die" chicks

Mr. BETHA!!!

Can't go wrong with the dog, DMX

I can't front, I thought this song was a romantic type of song. You know like, "Baby you're the best..." type of song, but little did I know when I actually listened to the lyrics. Drizzy...and his confusing video

Of course Hov is on this list...

This video was confusing too and his worst.

"You dudes treat the one that you loving with the same respect that you treat the one that you're humping..."

Of course I'd have to include these:

Still waiting on these two's collabo album

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