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Monday, February 15, 2010

R.I.P. Lamont "Big L" Coleman

The time...February 15th, 1999

The hip-hop community suffered a lost when it was pronounced that Harlem's own, Big L, was shot and killed in his own neighorhood, after being shot 9 times.
We aren't here to dwell on his loss so today we are going to celebrate his life and legacy as with any of those we have lost.
I must say, though I wasn't much a fan of L nor did I ever listen to him, I respect his music. My reasons for not knowing anything about him was because at the time I was more focused on Mase/Puff Daddy's Bad Boy Era and other types of music.
But, after hearing a couple of tracks, most knowingly the freestyle with Hov, Big L was definitely a force to be reckoned with. Not only was he truly like most that knew him say: FLY, but Lamont Coleman was a monster on the mic. Labeled as the eternal "Punchline King", its no news that his legacy, like Pac and BIG, live on in almost 95% of rappers we hear today.

"How come, you can listen to my first album
and tell where a lot of niggaz got they whole style from?"

It's unfortunate that he didn't get to see how much praise he's received and his potential being noticed by many, especially being often ranked in mostly everyones' "TOP 5 of all Time."
His lyrical ability, punchline tactics, style all equate to Big L 's flamboyancy.

R.I.P Homey

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