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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

"On to the Next One..."

It's been a month into 2010 and XXL still hasn't put out the next class of Hip-Hop Freshmans. So with that said, these are Pushin' Mounts' favorite upcoming phenomenons to look out for this year.

J. Cole
AKA Pushin' Mounts' favorite out of all the 2010 Freshmans

Jay-Z's first signee to RocNation has made "the cipher complete." After dropping two classic mixtapes ( "The Come Up Vol. 1" and "The Warm Up" ), making a grand appearance on Hov's Blueprint 3 ("A Star is Born"), "Eminem-ing" every artist he's been on a track with (except Hov), etc. J. Cole has definitely made a name for his self. When you take a listen to Wale's "Attention Deficit" (in stores now) and tune into track 13 "Beautiful Bliss" which he is featured on, J. Cole completely anhilates and takesover leaving you to forget it was a Wale track (No shots) "I'm definitely in a class on my own, and dinner with Hov, hoping that he pass that baton but he just pass Patron..." . His lyrical ability is what most true hip-hop heads have been yearning for in the current, new, and legend-status artists,"Forever I aint run yet and never will
Nas told me life's a bitch, Pac said, 'Fuck the world and I aint come yet.'
You up yet?
Not only does the 2007 St. John's graduate come correct with lyricism, he also produces and sing as well which clearly makes him a triple threat. Focusing more on hip-hop J. Cole has big shoes to fill being the first artist signed to Hov's RocNation.
Although his job isn't done, Cole agrees he's got longer and more steps to take to make an actual name for his self. 2009 was a good year for this future GREAT M.C, I already slide him in my top 10 of favorite rappers and 2010 will definitely be the year he makes it. Many people have already co-signed the newly Roc recruit and have even been comparing him to Nas; including the New School Poster Child, Drake.
"I'm at the starting line. Those guys are at home, putting on their tracksuits, getting ready to make their attack. When J. Cole gets it super-right, I think he's gonna have a place as a Nas-type character who really stands for hip-hop, but still makes ill records that everybody fucks with."
(Complex Magazine interview w/ Drake Feb/2010 issue)

In case you're still not convinced check out some of his tracks below and download the mixtapes.
Look out for his debut album to release later this year and will feature production from the infamous and legendary NO I.D., Kanye, etc.

The song that drew us in...

A Classic for the original J Cole fans...

(This track is off of The Come Up which was recorded before the RocNation deal)


And of course the song that Hov enjoyed and resulted in signing him...

Stay Tuned for our next favorite upcoming artist in 2010

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